Tactical Index Solutions

A range of single-asset and multi-asset indices that provides a highly sophisticated form of diversification.

Index Annual Sharpe Rolling 12 Months
Regime-Adaptive Long/Short Equity (PSRAE) 0.97 15.35%
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ProfitScore Offers

  • Data-driven investment strategies that exploit repeating tendencies in investment behavior
  • Multi-model strategies that mitigate market, sector, industry, company and strategy specific risk
  • An active framework to review, evaluate, and manage risk every day
  • Liquid index solutions designed to be easily replicated by product partners and distribution firms
  • Quant-based investment models that can be sourced directly into existing investment processes

Consulting and Advisory Solutions

ProfitScore’s multi-model investment strategies can be sourced individually or combined in various ways on different opportunity sets to support the needs of your organization. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Enhance the reliability of your firm's investment performance
  • Expand your firm's product line-up by offering unique absolute return portfolios
  • Reduce investment return volatility in difficult market environments
  • Add quantitative methods as one of your firm's core competencies

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