Our Team

ProfitScore is in a constant state of research and development. Our edge is derived from the fact that we are consumed with passion for this business and the never ending pursuit of building a better mousetrap. With passion comes a tireless effort to achieve our desired result. One by one, we have turned over every stone insight looking for that edge that helps create predictable returns for our clients.

Over the years, we have identified and employ brilliant talent around the globe who work closely with us engineering data-driven investment solutions. We are humbled by the markets because we know the process is never ending and our job is never done. We are always looking for more stones!

John M. McClure

President & CIO

John McClure is the founder of ProfitScore Capital Management, Inc. As President & CIO, Mr. McClure’s responsibilities entail leading the firm’s overall direction and focusing the firm’s research ...

Mike Mann

Chief Compliance Officer

Mike is responsible for compliance and is involved in the development and review of investment models and programs...

Ben Coate

CTO & Director of Research

Ben is ProfitScore’s Chief Technology Officer, Director of Research, and lead project manager for ongoing development. Ben holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from the College of Idaho, specializing in quantitative modeling ...

Rich Davila

Senior Portfolio Strategist, CTA

Rich Davila, CTA, is a Senior Portfolio Strategist for ProfitScore. Rich has been active in professional business development, consulting, and sales for over 25 years – working to advance the careers and business interests of executives...

Dr. Daniel Fernandez

Director of Data Science

Daniel is Profitscore's Director of Data Science, responsible for the curation of data sources, the creation of data repositories, and the development of trading models using statistically sound approaches ...