John M. McClure

President & CIO

Our Team

John McClure is the founder of ProfitScore Capital Management, Inc. As President & CIO, Mr. McClure’s responsibilities entail leading the firm’s overall direction and focusing the firm’s research and development efforts. Mr. McClure has been involved in quantitative based research for over 25 years. Mr. McClure formed ProfitScore in 1998. ProfitScore’s focus has been developing and implementing quantitative-based investment strategies. Mr. McClure was an Independent Trustee for Northern Lights ETF Trust and President and Chairman of the National Association of Active Investment Managers. Mr. McClure holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Tennessee Technological University and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga.

John M. McClure

President & CIO

Mike Mann

Chief Compliance Officer

Ben Coate

CTO & Director of Research

Rich Davila

Senior Portfolio Strategist, CTA

Dr. Daniel Fernandez

Director of Data Science