Mike Mann

Chief Compliance Officer

Our Team

Mike is responsible for compliance and is involved in the development and review of investment models and programs.

His career focus is management of mission critical systems requiring absolute reliability and security. As a senior business executive and strategist, he has served on industry task forces for the western regional power system and State of Idaho information systems.

Past work includes:

- Business strategy consulting and business financial modeling.
- Senior marketing leadership of high technology start-up companies.
- Executive leadership of operational and technical people and systems including utility scale control, power delivery and telecommunications systems including software and systems integration.
- Teaching fledgling entrepreneurs at the Small Business Development Center at Boise State University.

He has also worked as a licensed professional engineer in Idaho and Oregon.

John M. McClure

President & CIO

Mike Mann

Chief Compliance Officer

Ben Coate

CTO & Director of Research

Rich Davila

Senior Portfolio Strategist, CTA

Dr. Daniel Fernandez

Director of Data Science